Yummy Festival Food

Thai Mania - Meet the man behind the wok! Neung comes from generations of successful street food traders in the heart of South Thailand. All dishes are cooked from scratch with top quality imported Thai ingredients. Thai Mania have been at Vann Fest since we first opened our gates in 2015, and they are very much a part of the festivals fabric. 

Pizza In The Park have been creating the perfect Italian experience for the past ten years.  Their pizzas are made with the finest ingredients, ranging from a hot and spicy pepperoni and jalapeƱo, to 'The Special' finished with a balsamic glaze, cooked and ready to eat in just four minutes! Yum!  

This Fine Day Events invite you to 'Reach for the Fries!' Hand cut, skin on loaded chips suitable for vegans, vegetarian and meat eaters! Choose from  refried beans and guacamole, smoking bacon and sour cream, BBQ pulled pork , vegan meatballs in Itallian style source, and more!

Lemon Grove Catering Co. are back for another year. Serving handmade gourmet beef burger with bacon, and cheese, Caribbean fried chicken burger with roasted peppers, and deep South Halloumi burger with sticky tomato jam and Texas slaw. Mouthwatering! Not to be missed.

The Four Fillies serving high quality coffee, tea and hot chocolate with delicious tray bakes that cater for sugar-free, vegan and gluten-free folk. Taking pride in providing proper coffee, proper food, and proper service - always with a smile. Remember to bring a reusable cup for a discount!

Truckle, The Travelling Cheese and Wine Bar will be serving a selection of wines, with delicious cheese boards, biscuits and homemade chutneys and chilli jelly. Plus baked Camembert with fresh crusty bread and Chilli Jam! 
We're VERY excited to have them at Vann Fest 2019!

Check out the Festival Market and onsite Bars!