The most famous comedian that no one has ever heard of... we give you: Jack Barry
With 5 star reviews across the board, Jack Barry has been described by Broadway Baby as:  

“..Eddie Izzard-like in his excellent use of callbacks… a chipper, friendly, and optimistic performer and enormous potential…"

He will be performing as part of the K For Komedy showcase at Vann Fest in June. Definitely one not to miss!

Stephanie Laing started performing in April 2007 on the Scottish comedy circuit and quickly established herself as one of the most promising acts of her generation. 

She is best described as goofy and peculiar, and her comedy is partway between the needy oddness of Maria Bamford and the upbeat affability of Josie Long. Her material is a mix of silliness, filth and unusual observations, underpinned by a disarming honesty which makes her seem charmingly vulnerable. 

Don't miss Stephanie when she performs in the Vann Fest K For Komedy tent this June!

Previous acts include: K For Komedy, The Alphabetti Cabaretti   , Jacob Hawley, Nathan Brett, Sean McAlinden, Ryan Lewis, Luke Williams, and Toby Everett.