Broken Witt Rebels
“Blues sodden, sultry, humid music displaying all the solidity of a British rock legacy merged with confidence of an atmospheric deep south soulful Americana.”

The arrangement of James Tranter’s dominant, layered guitar work, Danny Core’s strong and unique vocals, Luke Davis’s muddy harmonic bass playing and James Dudley's drumming groove are the framework of a band that’s enchanting and irresistible.

James & Black

From the first note you can feel it – that thing you just cannot put a finger on, that thing you know is real but cannot see.  This is the feeling you get when you listen to something so pure and authentic that you know there is way more to it than just notes and rhythm.  Otis Redding and Nina Simone had "it", Marvin Gaye and Etta James had "it".  Some people call "it" spirit also known as soul. James & Black is Guerrilla Soul and they're coming back to Vann Fest 2019. We guaranteed they will blow you away.

Imperial Daze

Imperial Daze are a psych-pop band from South London hailing the likes of Damon Albarn, Kevin Parker and Soulwax as heroes and guides. The latest single, ‘Minding The Haze’, released through Tip Top Recordings on the 13th February 2019 has already caught the attention of John Kennedy, being playlisted on Radio X and Amy Lame over at BBC6 Music. They are going to go down a storm at Vann Fest this June! 

Josh Gleaves is a singer-songwriter who regularly busks in London. Josh has also performed in Nashville, fueling his passion for country music and inspiring some of his newest songs.
Performing an exciting combination of folk, blues and rock. Joe Carabine is atmospheric, moody and groovy. The perfect combination for a summer festival.
This Lancashire native never seems isolated on the stage as his sound is rich, full of passion and flows from the heart. Joseph Lofthouse is a seasoned songsmith, with a lyrical ear for the everyday.
There’s nothing more unpredictable than A-Lone Buffalo... They have nothing to lose. Manchester born singer songwriter producing an honest sound of Man-canna.

The May Kings bring a modern twist to the classic sounds that have stood the test of time: An infectious mixture of Funk, Soul, Blues, Ska and Pop, we can't wait to have them at Vann Fest.

With a spine-tingling brand of infectious rock and roll with big choruses and three part harmonies, we give you: The Lodgers. Idiosyncratically charming vocal delivery that will leave you buzzing.

Vann Fest regulars, Twisted Rhythm, are back again in 2019 playing soul, funk, blues, and reggae for an afternoon boogie!  

The Whiskey Rebellion is irrefutably the greatest band in the world. (Disclaimer: The Whiskey Rebellion may or may not be the greatest band in the world).

All the way from the tropics of Argentina, South America:

Super Cumbia y La Liga De La Alegría.


Inspired by knock-you-dead originals, obscure album tracks, perfect pop, pin-drop, and B-Sides: ELTEL

One World are part of the fabric of the Vann Fest Family. Playing Funk, Rock and Soul with there own sound - They will get you up dancing on a sunny afternoon.
A refreshing and original singer/songwriter on the music scene, Jodie Munday writes and performs catchy, witty songs about modern dilemmas. A must see!
Ellysse Mason is a beguiling artist with a poise and professionalism far beyond her years, and talents which are now captivating live audiences all over the country.  
A four piece group from Essex, 52 Kings mix a range of influences from hip hop, R&B, to all out rock. We can't wait for them to bring their unique style to the festival this year. 


Previous acts include: Jade Bird, Ewan McLennan, Will Varley, The Travelling Band, The Wood Men, Forty Elephant Gang, The Eskies, Joe McAdam, Ellysse Mason, Luke Jackson, Hannah White, Hollie Rogers, Sleepy Folk, and Louisa Bass.